Servicing United States, Canada and Thailand
“With significant potential in tapping into emerging international markets, having multiple distribution channels is the smart way to grow your business.”

- May, CEO

Tailored Solutions

We thrive working with small to medium sized craft enterprises looking for Cultivation, Processing, Analytical Testing, Research, Import/Export or Medical Sales, our team has you covered. Our services span across the United States, Canada and Thailand.

Cut Through
Red Tape with Ease

We have a fool proof method for SOP development, audits, security support, changes + reporting and all your operational needs when it comes to Cannabis, Pharma, Hemp and Psychedelics.
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Dealers License

Psychedelics (Canada)
We specialize in Dealer Licenses applications to cover Possession, Production, Packaging, Sales, Transportation/delivery, Lab analysis, R& D, Import/Export, License Management and Amendments.


Pharmaceutical-Drug Establishment License

Fabrication, Packaging/Labeling, Testing, Importation, Distribution and Wholesale and all License Amendments and renewals. This includes medical device, licensing, and applications

GACP Certification & EU-GMP
Audit Support

GACP Certification & EU-GMP
Audit Support

Our team of professionals have over 20 years combined experience working in regulated environments. We offer GACP certification for your cultivation practices and EU-GMP audit readiness and support. We are your trusted partner and will guide you through all stages of certification. That includes site design, gap assessments, pre-certification audits, support during and after the audit to make sure you have the support needed to get certified.


Supplier Qualification Services

Is there a business opportunity with another license holder, supplier or manufacturer, but you don’t know if they’re following high operational standards you need to give you piece of mind? That’s where Merit Method comes in. We will audit the prospective supplier and provide you with the intel you need to make the right decision for your business.


Export Market Development

Having multiple distribution channels is the smart way to grow your business. While local and national opportunities provide a good sales channel, there is a lot of potential in exporting products to emerging markets internationally. Merit Method can help pave the way to exporting your supply by connecting you with potential buyers abroad. We will work with you on all aspects of the process, from developing a sales channel, handling all logistics, and financial transactions so you can focus on the thing you love, growing and manufacturing the highest quality product.

Cannabis Licensing

Cannabis Licensing

(United States, Canada and Thailand)
All things licensing! Whether you’re looking for cultivation, processing, Analytical Testing,  Research, Import/Export or Medical Sales, our team has you covered.  We also take care of all your license changes and reporting and will handle all your operational needs including SOP development, audits and security support.

Fractional Compliance Licensing

Fractional Compliance Licensing

In a sector where precision and compliance are critical, not every company needs or can afford a full-time Quality Assurance Person. Our Fractional QAP services offer top-tier expertise on demand, avoiding the cost of a permeant full time employee. Flexible monthly plans ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness, scaling with your QA needs based on demand. Merit Method gives you more than a service; it's a partnership for success, providing access to our entire team's expertise.


Why Merit Method?

Our Merit Method is designed to be foolproof. With our deep understanding of regulations in the pharma, cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics sectors, we're experts at navigating the complexities of licensing and market entry. What sets us apart is our 'secret sauce' – that extra edge we bring to every project!
Our team? Well, they're not your average Joes. They're seasoned professionals who've mastered the regulations for years. We've got a secret sauce! and it’s our Merit Method. We're not here to be good; we're here to be the best.
We don't do cookie-cutter solutions. We dive deep into your business, and craft tailored solutions that hit your targets. Consider us an extension of your team, an invested partner, where we work together in achieving those milestones.
Our track record tells the tale. Over 100 licenses obtained since 2016, a dozen cannabis brands launched, hundreds of exports worldwide and 50+ businesses guided towards GMP/GACP and GXP certifications – it's all in a days’ work for us.
We wear our strong client relationships like a badge of honor! Our loyal clients stick with us because we prioritize their needs, not ours. We call it 'Straight Talk' – a communication style that's direct, transparent, and brutally honest. It's woven into our Merit Method, and once clients experience it, let’s just say we’re pretty impressive.